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Product Improvements

Best KNIGHT Yet: Lochinvar Enhances Residential Boiler Series with Advanced Control, Efficiency
Flexible KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler Line Available in 13 models from 55,000 to 399,999 Btu/hr.More

Peak Commercial Savings: Lochinvar Boosts Performance, Efficiency of CREST® Condensing Boiler Family
New CREST Models Increase Commercial Thermal Efficiency Up to 96 PercentMore

Lochinvar Refines KNIGHT® Wall Mount Fire Tube Boiler
Installation flexibility and common parts make KNIGHT Wall Mount an easy choice More

Lochinvar Introduces Refinements to Power-Fin® Commercial Product Line
SMART TOUCH™ control incorporated into water heater and boiler line product linesMore

Lochinvar Introduces New Power-Fin® High Efficiency Commercial Boiler
A Legendary Boiler Has More Than Doubled Its OutputMore

LOCHINVAR® Brings CON•X•US® Remote Connect to CREST® Boilers
Advanced CON•X•US Technology Offers Boiler Plant Control from AnywhereMore

Lochinvar® Expands CON•X•US™ Remote Connectivity Platform
Industry-Leading CON•X•US Technology Now Available on KNIGHT® BoilersMore

Lochinvar® Introduces Redesigned Shield™ Commercial Water Heater
New Features + New Models Engineered to Meet Customer NeedsMore

Lochinvar Enhances COPPER-FIN II® Product Line
Commercial Boiler, Water Heater and Pool Heater Family Updated with Refined Design and Smarter Control.More

Lochinvar® Enhances COPPER-FIN Commercial Product Family
The Copper-Fin line offers the same advanced technology and innovative features that have set the bar for superior water heating performance, with enhancements that further improve its serviceability and ease-of-installation. More

Lochinvar® Enhances XLP Commercial Pool Heater
New SMART SYSTEM™ Control Platform Sets the Bar for Ease of Installation and OperationMore

Smart Just Got Smarter
Lochinvar Enhances Smart™ System User ControlMore

Lochinvar® Adds NEW Models to ARMOR® Water Heater Line
98% Thermally Efficient Water Heater Now Available with Inputs up to 800,000 Btu/hrMore

Power-Fin Continues to Raise the Bar with Internal Cascading Sequencer
Lochinvar is raising the bar and giving cause to celebrate 20 years of reliable Power-Fin performanceMore

Inside the Lochinvar KNIGHT
Lochinvar® Corporation introduces Inside the Armor, a KNIGHT Heating Boiler training brochureMore

Lochinvar Upgrades Copper-Fin for Car Wash Industry
Lochinvar Corp. has significantly enhanced its Copper-Fin line of boilers and water heaters to provide even more built-in advantages for the car wash industryMore

Lochinvar Expands Power-Fin Line
The Power-Fin is now more flexible and easier to install. These new boilers offer an input capacity from 500,000 to 1,300,000 Btu/hr — but require just 4.6 sq. ft. of floor spaceMore

Package Systems From Lochinvar
Lochinvar® Corporation, a leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and pool heaters, introduces package water heating and boiler systems delivered to a job site completely piped and ready to installMore

Lochinvar® Announces New Turbocharger™ Models
Lochinvar® Corp., a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters, adds higher inputs and 60 gallon storage tank capacity to the TurboCharger™ product lineMore

Lochinvar Announces Enhancements for Copper-Fin II® Water Heaters and Boilers
Lochinvar Corporation, a leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and pool heaters, has enhanced the Copper-Fin II® product line for easier installation and service. More

Lochinvar Introduces the Enhanced Power-Fin®
Lochinvar® Corporation has enhanced the high-efficiency line of Power-Fin® commercial water heaters and boilers for greater installation flexibility. More

Lochinvar Announces Enhancements to Copper-Fin II®
Lochinvar® Corporation announces enhancements to its 401–751 Btu/Hr models of the next generation Copper-Fin II® commercial gas water heater/boiler, offering even greater installation flexibility. More

Lochinvar Offers Enhanced Copper-Fin2 Commercial Gas Pool Heaters
Lochinvar® Corporation introduces its next generation Copper-Fin2® Pool Heater, offering high efficiency with greater installation flexibility and easier access to valves and connections. More

Lochinvar Introduces Shield Combustion System
Lochinvar® Corporation introduces the Shield Combustion System™, designed to protect against the ignition of flammable vapors and provide customers years of dependable and efficient operation. More

Lochinvar Introduces Intelligent Venting Solutions
Lochinvar® Intelligent Venting Solutions for gas-fired water heaters, boilers and pool heaters increase system efficiency while decreasing installation expense. More

Lochinvar® Announces Additional TurboCharger™ Models
Lochinvar® Corp., a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters, announces additional TurboCharger™ models in both natural and LP (propane) gas. More

Lochinvar Copper Tube Products Certified to Improve Air Quality
Lochinvar® Corporation is proud to announce that all Lochinvar Fan Assisted Copper Tube Products have received certification from the South Coast Air Quality Management DistrictMore

Lochinvar Introduces Loch-SPEC Sizing Program available on CD-ROM
Lochinvar Introduces Loch-SPEC Sizing Program available on CD-ROMMore

EnergyRite Now Includes Heat Exchangers Built to the ASME Standard
EnergyRite Now Includes Heat Exchangers Built to the ASME StandardMore