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Case Studies/JobProfiles

Lochinvar Launches High-Efficiency Heating System with CREST Condensing Boilers at Kennedy Space Center
Crest brings NASA's Kennedy Space Center high efficiency heating system upgrade.More

Massachusetts Apartment Complexes Cut Heating Costs by 33% with CREST® Boiler
A Massachusetts managment group invests in a high-efficiency upgrade for buildings' mechanical systems.More

Byrons Plumbing FTXL™ Boilers with CON•X•US® Remote Connect Come to the Rescue of Custom Home in Calgary
Lochinvar's FTXL Fire Tube Boiler enabled with CON·X·US provides the consistency and reliability a Calgary homeowner was looking for.More

Lochinvar’s New FTXL™ Fire Tube Boiler Contributes to a Successful Condo Conversion in a Cold Canadian Climate
In 2014, a six-story office building in downtown Winnipeg, Canada, was converted into a mixed-use condominium complex. More

High-Efficiency CREST® Boilers Take Flight at High-Altitude Army Aviation Training Site
The High-Altitude Army Aviation Training Site (HAATS) chooses Lochinvar's Crest boilers, Power-Fin Water Heaters and Lock-Temp Storage Tanks for state-of-the-art facility.More

Impressive Boiler Room Heats State-of-the-Art Farm Building in Alberta, Canada
The owner of Fairville Farms in Alberta, Canada recently built an incredible 55,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose building. More

Lochinvar Packaged Systems - Limitless Customization
For years Lochinvar has been packaging water heaters with tanks in order to ease installation costs and complexity of domestic hot water systems. More

Lochinvar® Offers Energy Saving Rx for Rural Kansas Hospital
Rural Kansas hospital sees renovation opportunity using Knight XL and Squire Indirect Water Heaters.More

A Study in Solar Thermal Savings
Southeastern Louisiana University Attains Extreme Energy Savings with Lochinvar/TiSUN Commercial Solar Thermal SystemMore

CREST Delivers A+ Energy Efficiency at Massachusetts Middle School
Three Crest Condensing boilers get good marks on a 40 year old retrofit. This installation's first year saw $35,000 in energy savings!More

Lochinvar® Scores a Hat-Trick with Third Install at ESPN Headquarters
Crest Condensing Boiler is chosen for third installation at ESPN Headquarters.More

Lochinvar ARMOR Helps Detention Center Escape Energy Slump with Efficiency Upgrade
100-Year old Wyandotte Adult Detention Center in Kansas City, Kansas revamps water heating systems with Lochinvar Armor Commercial Water Heaters.More

Outdoor Armor Water Heaters Deliver 31% Utility Savings
The Sonoma County California YMCA replaces dated equipment with high efficiency outdoor rated Lochinvar products.More

KNIGHT® XL Delivers Grand Slam Savings on ESPN Campus
Following the successful installation of Lochinvar’s SYNC Condensing Boilers in the ESPN Radio Building in 2010, additional boiler replacements were planned to increase efficiency in other buildings on campus.More

Lochinvar KNIGHT: A Model for Energy Retrofits In Canadian Apartment Complexes
In Cranbrook, British Columbia, several apartment complexes have recently undergone energy retrofits using the Knight Heating Boiler.More

SYNC® Boilers with SMART TOUCH™ Score Touchdown at ESPN Headquarters
The ESPN Radio Building required a boiler replacement that Lochnvar's SYNC Condensing Boiler was a natural fit for.More

Lochinvar's KNIGHT XL Delivers Savings for Non-Profit YWCA Facility
The YWCA facility of Walla Walla, Washington, has come a long way since its groundbreaking ceremony in 1950. More

The Famous "Sleeper House" Gets a Futuristic New HVAC System with Knight
The Sculptured Home, a Colorado house featured in Woody Allen’s 1973 sci-fi comedy Sleeper, recently underwent a green makeover that made its HVAC system as futuristic as its architecture. More

Lochinvar® ARMOR® Achieves Eco-Friendly, Efficient Operation For Fair Oaks Laundry
When Gary Thompson opened Fair Oaks Laundry in Pasadena, California, he wanted to create a high-end Laundromat that relied on eco-friendly, energy-efficient equipment.More

Lochinvar® ARMOR® Improves Efficiency, Profitability for California Laundromat
With its 44 high-efficiency, self-service washers and dryers, the Simi Valley Laundry Center prides itself on running an energy-efficient operation. More

Nashville’s Centennial Sportsplex Scores Higher Efficiency with New Boilers
Lochinvar’s CREST Condensing Boiler and Power-Fin Boiler Bring Energy Savings to State-of-the-Art Facility. More

Lochinvar’s Largest Condensing Boiler Brings Energy Efficiency to the Nation's Largest Drugstore Chain
With more than 7,800 drugstores throughout the United States serving nearly six million customers each day, Walgreens is the nation’s largest drugstore chain. From its stores to its distribution centers to its corporate headquarters, Walgreens is committed to reducing energy usage and expanding the company’s renewable energy initiatives through innovation, efficiency and technology. More

Vanderbilt University Continues to Enhance Environmental Efficiency
The Vanderbilt Plant Services team set out to replace the existing boiler system as part of an efficiency upgrade at its Crystal Terrace building on campus in October 2010. More

Efficiency Upgrade at Michigan Apartment Community
Senior High-rise Apartment Community Gets Efficiency Upgrade with Shield Commercial Water Heaters in Melvindale, Michigan.More

Lochinvar SYNC Offers Unique Solution for Natural Gas Pipeline System
The Lochinvar SYNC Condensing Boiler has brought cutting-edge green technology to a wide range of applications since its introduction in 2008. Demonstrating SYNC’s truly innovative functionality, a recent installation at a natural gas compressor plant is one of the most unique success stories to date. More

Charlevoix County Receives Award for Energy Savings
Charleviox County replaces five old boilers with new condensing SYNC boilers from LochinvarMore

Vanderbilt University Makes Great Strides in Sustainability
Lochinvar ARMOR Helps Improve Environmental Efficiency on CampusMore

Holt Schools $4 Million Energy Initiative Project in Michigan
The schools in Holt, MI are enjoying increased energy savings thanks to a 4 million dollar energy Initiative project featuring Lochinvar’s SYNC boilers.More

Belmont University Achieves Smarter Fuel Savings with CREST Condensing Boiler
Belmont University’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified in the recent efficiency upgrade to the boiler system at the Lila D. Bunch Library. More

Lochinvar Water Heating System is a Valued Amenity
Now a AAA ranked three-diamond hotel, the Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando, FL adds high efficiency water heating to its long list of amenities with Armor, Shield and Lock-temp storage tanks by Lochinvar.More

Water Heater Solutions with Lexington Plumbing & Heating Company
For many years, Lexington has used Lochinvar products to provide efficient and economical solutions to satisfy their customer’s boiler and water heating needs. More

Lochinvar Packaged Systems Take the Court at Louisville’s KFC Yum! Center
KFC Yum! Center, a multi-purpose arena, receives Lochinvar Packaged Systems capable of delivering a crowd-pleasing 4.9 million btu/hr demand.More

SYNC™ Boilers and Armor® Water Heaters provide Cost Savings
The 10:1 boiler turndown and 5:1 water heater turndown plus Modbus interface provide unsurpassed management capability. More

Shield Water Heater Success in Albuquerque, NM
The 96% thermally efficient Shield can protect against the harmful effects of lime scale build-up that robs tank-type water heaters of efficiency and shortens their lifespan.More

L’Arbre Croche gets an Aquas Pool Package for Christmas
L’Arbre Croche on the shores of Lake Michigan was in a time crunch to install a new pool heater in time for the Christmas holiday when the resort would be full with members and their guests. More

Broward Convention Center Installs Armor
Broward Convention Center Installs Highly Efficient Armor Water Heaters More

Sandia National Laboratories Decentralizes Steam Plant
Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, decentralize steam plant with KNIGHT and PowerFin boilers.More

GreenSource Cincinnati Inspires Green Building Professionals
GreenSource Cincinnati Inspires Green Building ProfessionalsMore

Product Installation Showcase - Hilton, Ruby Lake
Lochinvar congratulates Hilton on the completion of their resort in Orlando Florida. We are proud to have our high efficiency products installed in this state-of-the-art facility.More

East Coast Contractor Modernizes HVAC System for Modern Group Ltd.
East Coast Contractor Modernizes HVAC System for Modern Group Ltd. With Zoned Energy-Efficient KNIGHT® Heating Boilers More

White Paper - Lime Scale Accumulation: The Energy Thief
Lochinvar® Helps SHIELD Commercial Water Heaters From Energy-Robbing Lime Scale BuildupMore

Lochinvar® Cuts Heating Costs by Nearly 50 Percent
Knight retro-fit sees huge savings in Northern Indiana Center for HistoryMore

Dominican Residence Center Chooses Armor and Knight
Installation of Lochinvar KNIGHT® Heating Boiler and ARMOR™ Water Heater Shields Residence Center from High Energy Costs More

"Big" Move for USF
University of South Florida Chooses Lochinvar for New Athletics CenterMore

Arizona's Largest Casino Installs Lochinvar Copper-Fin II Boilers
Arizona's Largest Casino Installs Lochinvar Copper-Fin II BoilersMore

Lochinvar Scores Big at Texas Christian University
A Perfect Fit for University’s Brand New $32 Million Recreation CenterMore

Michigan Lutheran Seminary Upgrades High School
Michigan Lutheran Seminary Upgrades High School with Lochinvar High Efficiency BoilersMore

Forest Hills School District Updates Multiple Facilities
Forest Hills School District Updates Multiple Facilities with Lochinvar High Efficiency BoilersMore

Presbyterian Village North Retirement Community
Atlantis Services Installs New Heating System at Presbyterian Village North Retirement CommunityMore

Hot Showers in the Locker Room at Wrigley Field Thanks to Lochinvar’s Intelli-Fin®
Hot Showers in the Locker Room at Wrigley Field Thanks to Lochinvar’s Intelli-Fin®More

Lochinvar Supplies Hot Water for Tennessee's New NFL Stadium
Lochinvar Supplies Hot Water for Tennessee's New NFL StadiumMore

Lochinvar Heats Water to the Stratosphere
Lochinvar Heats Water to the StratosphereMore