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Update of LochSPEC Electronic Water Heater Sizing Program Now Available
by Lochinvar Marketing Department

Lochinvar is pleased to announce an update to the LochSPEC electronic water heater sizing program. The sizing program has been updated with the new Power-Fin models, and now also includes all Armor and Shield water heater models. The new program is available for download from the Lochinvar website.

There are two basic methods to upgrade your existing LochSPEC version to the new program.
1. Delete your current LochSPEC folder and reload the complete program from the Lochinvar website. With this method you will lose any custom programs and customer data that you may have saved in your current version of LochSPEC.

2. Upgrade from inside the LochSPEC program. With this method you will retain all custom programs and data. This is the recommended method to update the program.

To upgrade from inside the LochSPEC program you must first start the sizing program. There are alternate paths to the program update once the program has loaded.
1. Click on the word “File” in the upper left corner of the LochSPEC screen and then click “Check for Update”.
2. Click the fifth icon on the toolbar (looks like two monitor screens) for the automatic update.
To load a new version of the program, go to the Lochinvar Home page at and navigate to the Resource Library section on the left side of the page. Click “Downloadable Tools” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Remember, the LochSPEC program is simply another tool that can be utilized to estimate the water heater requirements for a number of common industry applications. The LochSPEC water heater sizing program is a very flexible and powerful tool, but it does not contain every possible water heating scenario in the industry. Therefore, sound engineering and practical experience remain the primary principles of water heater sizing.