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Charlevoix County Receives Award for Energy Savings
by Lochinvar Marketing Dept.

On May 10, 2011, Charlevoix County, Michigan received the Energy Saving Project of the Year award from The Engineering Society of Detroit and DTE Energy, a Michigan state gas and electric utility. Charlevoix County is a small community nestled on shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan. Though a small community, the county management represents the growing national awareness for energy efficiency.

In 2010, Charlevoix County replaced five old boilers with new condensing SYNC boilers from Lochinvar. In addition, they installed frequency drives on the boiler system pumps with motors to better match system demand, operate quietly and use less energy, plus adding a new water heater.

The equipment upgrade was made to the Charlevoix County Court house. The 45,000 square foot court house was built in three sections and was climate controlled by three independent and inefficient boiler systems. There were five small boilers supplying the heat in these three systems.

The separate boiler systems were combined and the five small boilers totaling 2,623,000 Btu/hr input were replaced by two SYNC 1,000,000 Btu/hr boilers. The high efficient output of the two 1,000,000 Btu/hr SYNC boilers is greater than the combined output of the five less efficient boiler. This means less fuel is burned to produce the same or greater amounts of heat.

The project was supported by grants from DTE Energy, the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments and the American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The total cost of the project was $186,000 and was completed on time with the help of outside contractors. The design engineering was provided by Nealis Engineering from Traverse City, MI. John E. Green Company from Petoskey and Temperature Control from Traverse City were the local installing contractors.

As planned, the new SYNC boilers delivered high efficiency and exceptional fuel cost savings. A comparison of gas bills from the 2009/2010 heating season to the 2010/2011 heating season (Sept.-Apr.) showed a 45% decrease in gas fuel expenditures. Further estimates show a reduction of at least 75.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide released from the previous year.

Frank A. Shaler, Maintenance Supervisor for Charlevoix County reports the working environment in the County Building is more comfortable. Also, the new system features sophisticated heating and cooling controls with internet access or control by Smart Phone. “It was a dramatic change from was it was before. If we can save the taxpayers some money, we should.”

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