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Lochinvar Introduces the Efficiency Mate
by Lochinvar

Lochinvar® Corporation recently announced the introduction of the Efficiency Mate. The new Efficiency Mate is an indirect-fired, potable water storage vessel with an internal heat exchanger that allows water heated for space heating by an external heat source, such as the Lochinvar Efficiency+®, to be used for domestic hot water as well.

Efficiency Mate heats domestic water by sharing heat from space-heating fluid that is heated as it passes through an external heating source, often a hydronic boiler. The fluid passes through Efficiency Mate’s internal Therma-Tube heat exchanger, a double wall, highly conductive tube that surrounds the storage vessel. As it passes through the heat exchanger, heat is shared between the space heating fluid and the domestic water in the storage vessel resulting in two supplies of hot water from one efficient source.

Efficiency Mate features a heavy-gauge, glass-lined tank, a magnesium tank saver, factory-installed dielectric nipples, built-in thermostat, and a ten-year warranty. Additionally, the Efficiency Mate is easy to install, as it requires no vent for combustion products, no gas line, and no electrical supply, which leaves valuable space for other purposes. The Efficiency Mate is constructed with a thick blanket of insulating foam that provides complete tank coverage, minimizing standby loss and maximizing heat retention. Standby loss from the Efficiency Mate is less than ½º F per hour. Available in four sizes, 40, 50, 65 and 80 gallons, the Efficiency Mate is capable of providing up to 260 gallons of 115º F water per hour.

Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters and boilers, ranging in capacity from small residential units to three-million-plus BTU models. Based in Nashville, Tenn., with facility centers in Detroit, Mich., Dallas, Texas, Tampa, Fla., and Philadelphia, Pa., Lochinvar stocks equipment at all locations.