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Lochinvar® Extends Custom Capabilities With Pre-Piped Packaged Systems
by Lochinvar Marketing Department

For decades, Lochinvar has been packaging its high-efficiency water heaters with Lock-Temp Storage Tanks to decrease the installation costs and complexity of domestic hot water systems. Today, Lochinvar is taking its proven custom capabilities to the next level with custom, pre-piped boiler package systems.

Once the customer has shared the specifications of their application, Lochinvar provides a recommendation for the components of the custom package system. Prior to placing an order, the Lochinvar team shares three-dimensional CAD drawings for customer approval.

Designed to simplify every step of the process while ensuring quality from start to finish, all Lochinvar custom packaged solutions are completely assembled and pressure tested before shipment. All of the equipment in each system is secured to a steel frame to ensure easy installation. In addition, all specified and factory-installed pumps, accessories and safety devices such as flow switches or low water cut-offs are installed and wired prior to shipment.

Additional options include pre-piped and pressure tested gas piping, pre-wired supply voltage in conduit to a single access connection, stacking frames, customer specified expansion tank, gauges and pumps.

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