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Lochinvar Introduces Double Duty Residential Water Heater
by Lochinvar

Lochinvar® Corporation is expanding its residential line of water heaters with the new Double Duty. The new Double Duty residential water heater decreases by 50 percent the necessary space to heat a home and provide hot water, which also decreases the costs of operation, installation, and maintenance. The Double Duty heats water for domestic use and stores it in a triple tested, glass-lined storage tank. While in the tank, the domestic hot water transfers heat into the Therma-Tube heat exchanger surrounding the tank. Within these tubes, water for space heating is circulated and heated. This internal heat transfer by the Double Duty allows heat to be shared for two purposes: providing hot water for domestic use and maintaining a comfortable space temperature via hydronic or radial heating. The Double Duty features dielectric nipples, factory installed relief valve, and a ten-year warranty. Additionally, the Double Duty is easy to install and fits in the same space required for conventional water heaters. The Double Duty is available in two sizes: 50 gallons with a 65,000 BTU burner and 75 gallons with a 75,000 BTU burner. All sizes are available in conventional or sidewall venting configurations.

Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters and boilers, ranging in capacity from small residential units to three-million-plus BTU models. Based in Nashville, Tenn., with facility centers in Detroit, Mich., Dallas, Texas, Tampa, Fla., and Philadelphia, Pa., Lochinvar stocks equipment at all locations.

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