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Lochinvar Adds High-Power Models to AQUAS™ Commercial Pool Package

Lochinvar, the industry-leading high-efficiency boiler and water heater manufacturer, is expanding its AQUAS™ Commercial Pool Package line with 11 new models ranging between 1 and 6 million Btu/hr to serve commercial pools, indoor water parks and aquatic training facilities.

Now, the largest and most diverse commercial pool heating product line in the industry, Lochinvar’s AQUAS Commercial Pool Package provides reliable performance and leading thermal efficiency of up to 96 percent. 

“These high-powered AQUAS models feature reliability and performance that open doors to higher levels of efficiency for commercial pool and water facilities,” said Mike Lahti, vice president of sales, marketing and business development at Lochinvar. “In keeping with the Lochinvar turn-key approach, facility managers and installers will appreciate the package’s compact footprint and the plug-and-play nature of the new models.”

The new AQUAS models are designed with a focus on durability utilizing a titanium plate and frame pool heat exchanger. The enhanced heat exchanger is built for compatibility with chlorine and salt-system pools and can accommodate a variety of system flow rates. 

The cutting-edge system is strategically designed for commercial water parks and large, multi-purpose facilities that host events ranging from Olympic trials, which require consistent and precise water temperature, to children’s swim lessons and other water activities. These models include two top-of-the-line safety features to ensure consistent pool temperature and prevent potentially dangerous heat levels.

The AQUAS models operate using Lochinvar’s SMART TOUCH™ control system, an 8-inch touchscreen and multi-color interface that make setup and navigation of parameters simple and easy to navigate.

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