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Lochinvar Introduces the Charger DV Commercial Gas Water Heater
by Lochinvar

Lochinvar® Corporation introduces the Charger DV Power Direct-Vent Gas Water Heater. Ideal for commercial installations, especially restaurants and kitchens, it is the latest addition to Lochinvar's Charger commercial gas water heater product line.

Six new models are available in capacities of 80 and 100 gallons with firing rates of 199,999, 300,000 and 360,000 Btu/Hr, in natural gas and propane. ASME tank construction is available on the 300,000 and the 360,000 Btu/Hr models. Each new
Charger DV is equipped with a concentric vent system that is specifically designed to draw intake air and exhaust all byproducts of combustion outside the building through the same wall opening. The unique vent-within-a-vent design provides installation flexibility by sharing one opening for both the intake and exhaust air. Standard venting is horizontal; optional vent kits are available for vertical venting and vent lengths up to 21 feet. Each heavy-duty, glass-lined tank is certified to operate at 150 psi working pressure and designed with a magnesium tank-saver anode rod to provide extended tank life. The Charger DV Power Direct-Vent Gas Water Heaters are equipped with a spark-to-pilot ignition system, eliminating the need for a continuously burning pilot light, which saves energy by providing pilot gas only when the system calls for heat.

Additional features and benefits of the
Charger DV commercial gas water heaters include:
-Temperature and pressure relief valve installed;
-Handhole cleanout providing easy access for cleaning and sediment removal;
-Dielectric fittings are installed to provide additional protection for longer tank life;
-Automatic induced-draft blower providing balanced flue operation for direct-vent applications; 
-Non-CFC foam insulation that meets ASHRAE standby loss requirements.

Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters and boilers, ranging in capacity from small residential units to three-million Btu/Hr models. Lochinvar’s new world headquarters is located in Lebanon, Tenn. Other facilities include Detroit, Mich., Tampa, Fla., Philadelphia, Pa. and Dallas, Texas. Lochinvar stocks equipment at all locations.

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