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Lochinvar Announces Redesigned LochSPEC Water Heater Sizing Program
by Lochinvar

Lochinvar® Corporation’s newly redesigned and enhanced LochSPEC™ Water Heater Sizing Program is now available for download from the Lochinvar Web site at The LochSPEC sizing selection software, originally introduced in 1998, is designed to assist in the selection of Lochinvar commercial water heaters based on factors specified by the user.

“The enhancements we have made to the
LochSPEC Sizing Progam allow the end user greater input flexibility on job specs, resulting in more accurate water heater sizing,” said Jeff Vallett executive vice president for Lochinvar Corporation.

New and enhanced features of the
LochSPEC Sizing Program include:

• Capability to convert from U.S. to Metric units of measure
• Easier to create your own custom application
• Ability to choose multiple heaters and storage tanks for built-in system redundancy
• Ability to specify venting, fuel type, options and accessories
• Enhanced custom reporting features (available in Microsoft® Word)

There are two sizing programs available: Quick Sizing and Formula Sizing. Quick Sizing allows the user to input a small amount of known information, and then the program selects a heater/tank combination to meet the heat load requirements based on industry ASHRAE and ASPE standards. The more flexible Formula Sizing allows the user to manipulate default values for fixture flow rate, delivery water temperature and consumption rate. In addition, the user can specify the ground water temperature and elevation, as well as view the specific formulas Lochinvar uses to calculate demand, Btu/hr output and storage.

An additional feature of the
LochSPEC program is the energy savings calculator. Once a heater type is selected, the energy savings calculator will estimate savings over a one-year period based on the selected Lochinvar heaters thermal efficiency versus a heater at 80 percent thermal efficiency, or at an efficiency specified by the user. This dollar savings is based on the national cost per therm average of 68 cents, but can be changed to the cost per therm for your region. Visitors to the LochSPEC Sizing Program are able to directly link to product literature, spec sheets and dimensional drawings through the Lochinvar Corp. Web site.

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