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Lochinvar Introduces Intelligent Venting Solutions
by Lochinvar


Lochinvar® Intelligent Venting Solutions for gas-fired water heaters, boilers and pool heaters increase system efficiency while decreasing installation expense.

Intelligent Venting Solutions offer total system efficiency optimization, automatically maintaining the required draft in the stack by constantly adjusting the air flow. The result is a more efficient heating system with higher net output. Intelligent Venting Solutions decrease overall system installation cost by reducing the stack diameter and combining vents to lower the number of roof penetrations.

Lochinvar’s Intelligent Venting Solutions are available as 4 pre-packaged kits designed to vent 2–4 appliances with combined inputs up to 5,000,000 Btu. Each kit includes a chimney fan to ensure a negative pressure in the stack, a modulating fan control to control fan speed and balance draft, a relay box for combining multiple appliances, a draft sensor, probe and proving switch. Vent kits require balancing baffles for each unit and a chimney adapter.

Intelligent Venting Solutions can also be customized beyond the standard kits and used with any combination of appliances and venting categories. Custom Engineered Vent Systems offer even higher system efficiency due to the precise matching of fan size to total system output. The modulating fan control constantly monitors the water heater/boiler output, ramping the fan up and down to control draft in the stack.

Lochinvar’s Intelligent Venting Solutions provide increased system efficiency, versatile installation, vibration-free operation, low noise level, thermal overload protection, easier code compliance and maintenance-free operation, along with many other beneficial features.

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