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Lochinvar Introduces the Charger Power Direct Vent Commercial Gas Water Heater
by Lochinvar

Lochinvar® Corp. introduces the reliable and energy-efficient Charger Power Direct Vent commercial gas water heater, ideal for restaurants, commercial kitchens retrofit and replacement applications.

Charger Power DV features an induced draft blower to provide balanced flue operation for direct venting. The independent PVC venting system exhausts the combustion byproducts through a stand-alone vent, and a separate intake provides fresh air to the unit. Vents with ABS, CPVC or PVC pipe, up to 40 feet with 3? pipe vent and 55 feet with 4? vent pipe.

The electronic ignition system on the
Charger Power DV saves energy and eliminates the need for a continuously burning pilot light by providing pilot gas only when the system needs heat. The Charger Power DV experiences a longer life and greater protection due to the magnesium tank saver anode and factory installed dielectric fittings.

Other features include a factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve, a glass-lined steel tank certified for 150 psi working pressure, a handhole cleanout for easy tank access, and operation at 180°F operation.

Charger Power DV tank is available with ASME, NSF and low NOx construction. It is CSA international design certified and listed, and its non-CFC foam insulation meets ASHARE energy and stand by loss requirements. Lochinvar also provides a three-year limited tank warranty.

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Charger Power Direct Vent

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