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Dramatic Energy Savings at Historic Building in Downtown Akron
by Lochinvar Marekting Department

The 100 year old Evans Building has quite a past. Serving first as a tavern and hotel for construction workers and travelers that came to see the Ohio & Erie Canal in the early 19th century, Henry Clark’s Tavern also saw the election of Akron’s first mayor, Seth Iredell in 1836. The tavern and hotel were razed at the turn of the 20th century and replaced by Peoples Savings Bank and eventually Evans Building and Loan in 1915. Since that time the building has undergone a number of renovations and has housed a variety of financial institutions and law firms and continue to do so to this day.  

Now 7 stories, the building was connected to Akron Energy Systems District Steam but the current owner, Crossroads Land Company, was looking to reduce heating costs. They turned to Building Integrated Services for a turnkey solution. BiS engineered a steam to hot water conversion project to take advantage of energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. BiS is a premier provider of integrated engineering, controls, and construction services. BiS, in turn, approached Campbell Equipment Company, Lochinvar’s long time representative in Ohio. Tony Clark, P.E., engineering manager at BiS, was acutely aware of the challenges a building of this vintage would present from a design and install perspective.  

“Our solution was to remove the building from steam altogether and install two hot water boilers and utilize the steam lines for water. With Campbell Equipment’s assistance, we chose Lochinvar’s CREST boiler because of its small footprint, high efficiency, exceptional turndown and low cost, flexible venting”. Choosing boilers was the easy part as challenges arose both during and after installation that demanded additional time and attention from both BiS and Campbell.   

It proved to be a great investment for Crossroads as they experienced remarkable savings in their energy costs. According to Crossroads personnel, “increasing steam costs was the motivation for this project as steam costs for 2014 were $108,000. We anticipated a substantial reduction in costs with this latest renovation and budgeted $27,000 for the next heating season. Total gas usage at the conclusion of 2015 was $8,365 – a 92% savings from the previous year.” Not only did Crossroads far exceed their budget but their tenants are pleased with improvements as well. “We had the opportunity to speak to some of the tenants and the building heat is no longer even a conversation. The new system provides even heat whereas the old was very noisy and tenants were either too hot or too cold. The system has minimized complaints and happy tenants will continue long term at the Evans Building.” Tony was enthusiastic about future opportunities for BiS, as “the Evans conversion clearly demonstrated that this system can be installed in any building regardless of size, layout, climate and age. Converting to hot water will always save money.”   

Even though BiS and Campbell Equipment faced some challenges along the way, they were fortunate to have had a number of resourceful partners such as Famous Supply, Lochinvar’s residential and commercial boiler distributor whose headquarters in Akron is only a few miles away. Precision Vent Inc. out of Marietta, GA provided timely and cost effective design consultation on common venting the Crest boilers. “Tyler Haase, design engineer from Precision and Jeff O’Dea, hydronic product specialist at Famous, really came through for us. This business always involves a collective effort and I was thrilled to have these professionals on our team” remarked Tim Campbell of CEC’s Cleveland office.

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