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Lochinvar Introduces Intelli-Station Software
by Lochinvar

Lochinvar® Corporation is proud to announce its unique Intelli-Station software designed for use with Intelli-Fin™ water heaters and boilers. With Intelli-Station, facility managers without building management systems can monitor and administer Intelli-Fin water heaters or boilers locally or remotely through a phone line.

Intelli-Station software can manage numerous Intelli-Fins at multiple locations. Intelli-Station monitors approximately 80 data points and offers the ability to change up to 10 data points. Building managers can monitor the data points in a tabular spreadsheet or graphical format. The graphical format shows the data points within the context of several graphics of the Intelli-Fin making it easier to understand how the Intelli-Fin is functioning. The tabular display is a spreadsheet format allowing the user to view all of the data points. The software can function as a diagnostic tool in either display format should the Intelli-Fin sense a problem. In addition to maintaining a tabular alarm log, the program contains a basic sequence-of-operation diagram with alarm status indicators demonstrating what area of operation is malfunctioning. The Intelli-Station allows multiple users with individual security privileges to monitor the Intelli-Fin for different levels of administration.

Intelli-Station is an optional feature with the Intelli-Fin. The standard equipment command display on the Intelli-Fin allows limited local monitoring and administrative functioning. Changeable data points:

- Set Point Temperature
- Heater ID
- Operating Sensor
- Pump Delay Time
- Boiler Indoor/Outdoor Reset
- Application Type
- Outdoor Air Maximum Reset Temperature
- Outdoor Air Minimum Reset Temperature
- Outdoor Air Lockout Temperature
- Sequencing Type Equipment requirements

For local monitoring, a computer and a Serial Lon Talk Adapter (SLTA) are required. For remote monitoring, a computer, an remote-monitoring package including an SLTA, a communications wire and a modem are required. Lochinvar will provide a SLTA as part of the package.

Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters and boilers, ranging in capacity from small residential units to three-million-plus BTU models. Based in Nashville, Tenn., with facilities in Detroit, Mich.; Tampa, Fla., Dallas; Texas; and Philadelphia, Pa., Lochinvar stocks equipment at all locations.

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