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CON·X·US Remote Connect
CON·X·US technology lets you use any smart device to link up with SMART SYSTEM™ controls from anywhere.
Gas Regulators
Lochinvar Gas Regulators Sized for Crest Boilers
Front End Loading
Front End Loading - Expand the Possibilities
Smart System™ Multi Temperature Loop Control
Control Up to 3 Separate Hydronic Heating Loop Temperatures
Thermal Expansion Tanks
Thermal Expansion Tanks
Stack Frame
Used to maximize use of small footprints
Variable Speed Pump
Integrates seamlessly with the Smart TouchTM and Smart SystemTM control keeping the boiler temperature rise at a designated temperature.
Buffer Tank / Hydraulic Separator
Buffer Tank / Air Eliminator
Chilled Water Buffer Tank
Chilled Water Buffer Tank
Two Way Motorized Valve
Motorized Valve for Primary Flow Systems
Low Temperature Valves
Low Temperature Valves for Water Temperature Protection
MP2 Boiler Control
Versatile Boiler Control
Different pumps for all commercial products