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LochSPEC Sizing Guide

(Launch LochSPEC)    

The LochSPEC Water Heater Sizing Program™ is now a web-based application. This means LochSPEC operates entirely from the Lochinvar website for easy and convenient sizing in a variety of applications. The program offers you:

  • manipulate fixture flow rates
  • adjust temperature settings
  • convert to metric units of measure
  • change elevations
  • set ground water temperatures
  • calculate energy savings

The new LochSPEC Water Heater Sizing Program™ includes "My LochSPEC". This feature allows you to establish an account so you may create custom sizing programs and projects. These customizations will be stored in the "Cloud" (on Lochinvar’s server). You won't have to worry about backing this data up or using space on your local hard drive.